Core Values

Core Values are what sets us apart and are our priorities for ministry. 

1. Biblical Application

We believe that God’s Word should be lived out not just heard. Our focus is on teaching the Bible in such a way that it can be understood and applied to our lives.

2. Cultural Relevance

We believe what we do and what we say should be done in such a way that it connects with our culture. Every environment should be designed to effectively connect with its target audience.

3. Accepted Yet Challenged

We believe that every person should be accepted and welcomed to Hope Church just as they are. We also believe that everyone should be challenged to take their next step to move closer to God and become all that He desires of them.

4. Excellence in All Things

We believe that we should give God our very best in everything we do. Excellence is not perfection but doing the best you can with what you have.

5. Simple over Complex

We believe that the message of Jesus Christ and the ministry of His church are more effective when they are communicated and accomplished in simple ways.

   6. EMBRACING Diversity

    We believe that the church should be a valid reflection of the Kingdom of God. Therefore our focus         should be on welcoming all people regardless of race, culture, social status, or physical appearance.