Going to a new place for the first time can be challenging, let us help you plan your visit! 


Our service starts at 11 AM on Sundays at 3210 Blue Ridge Blvd in West Union. Come a few minutes early and grab a cup of coffee at our Café, which is located to the right as you enter our worship center. 

Hope Kidz is our children’s ministry and it runs for the duration of our service. If you have kids ages 5 – 5th grade Hope Kidz offers a fun, safe and educational opportunity for your child during each Sunday service.  To drop your child/children off in Hope Kidz – before you go to the service – come in the foyer and take a right down the hall. You will see a banner and a desk where you can check in your child with one of our friendly team members.

Hope Kids check-in begins 15 minutes before our worship service. During check-in, you will receive a security sticker which you will need to pick up your child after the service.  For the security of your children, it is important that you keep track of your security sticker.  This helps us know that you are the person authorized to pick up your child.

In Hope Kidz, we believe the Bible should never be boring, worship can be really fun, and good leaders always care. Through music, Bible stories, videos, games, and activities children from 1st – 5th Grade come to know God more deeply and develop their faith. 

In addition to Hope Kidz, we also have a nursery for your infants. You can check-in your infant at the same Hope Kidz desk.

We look forward to meeting you!



Below you will find a little more specific information about Hope Church. We strive to be the perfect church for imperfect people. We realize life can be difficult at times, we all make mistakes, we are all different, and we are all on a journey. So no matter your past, your skin color, what you wear or look like or your social or political status, we welcome you just as you are!

Service Time: Sundays @ 11:00 AM (Come early and have a cup of coffee on us)

Location: 3210 Blue Ridge Blvd., West Union, SC 29696

Attire: Casual, come as you are.

Hope Kidz: Sundays @ 11:00 AM

Our Mission: To lead people into a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision: Empowering a leadership revolution that transforms lives, influences our community, and inspires hope.


What To Expect

Generally:                                                                                To be greeted.
To meet genuine friendly people.
To be accepted no matter what.
To be in service around 65-70 minutes.
To be challenged to take a next step that God has for you.
To experience a casual, contemporary atmosphere. Yes, there is coffee available.
To experience the message with humor, honesty, and wisdom in a way that you can understand and apply to your life.

Specifically:                                                                                 We want you to be able to relax and enjoy the service. We also want you to know that we work hard to make sure you are not ignored or embarrassed. We will never single you out and you will meet many friendly people who will be glad to serve you in any way. You don't have to worry about coming to Hope Church and having no one speak to you. We value every guest and look forward to meeting you.

The focus of our teaching is on practical application. Our goal is to focus on real life issues and for it to be presented in a way where everyone can understand it. We believe that God has a next step for all of us and we want to help you take yours.

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Hope Church is a place that welcomes all people. One of our core values is accepted yet challenged. We welcome you to come just as you are and experience Jesus in all of His love, power and presence.

And as you experience that, God will challenge you to become more like His Son, Jesus. We want to see people healed and set free to become who God has created them to be.

We realize that this is a powerful, exciting and sometimes messy journey. That is why we emphasize the grace, mercy and love that God has for us, and that we should have for each other.

We would love for you to be our guest this Sunday at 11 AM. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Eric Thompson